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The general conditions are addressed to any person, natural or legal, present on the site of DISVIEN, whether as a simple visitor or consumer of our services.

Any consumption of one of our services, individually or collectively, is established on the basis of a contract concluded between the different parties, the acceptance of the costs and the taking into account of the charter of good conduct of DISVIEN.

The following mentions concern all users of the platform. By users we mean visitors, members, non-members, consumers of our services and any other actor.

These users:

  • have access to all the information on the site and can, if necessary, request additional information by writing to;

  • can join the association and benefit from preferential rates on various services offered. In this case, write to in order to receive the request form, receive it, read it, complete it, sign it and send it either by e-mail to or to the physical address - DISVIEN - 16 avenue Francis de Pressensé - 92290 Châtenay-Malabry. No membership will be validated if the file is incomplete and if the membership fees are not paid;

  • must respect all other users of the platform as well as the Disvien teams. Any conflict and any justice rendered oneself is to be prohibited. To report inappropriate behavior, you should send an e-mail to;

  • can request an invoice from Disvien at any time via or via the physical address - DISVIEN - 16 avenue Francis de Pressensé - 92290 Châtenay - Malabry.

The collaboration agreement between Disvien and the users will specify, in a non-exhaustive way, the object, the nature, the duration and the planned program; the level of prior knowledge required to undergo training and obtain the qualifications for which it prepares; the conditions under which the collaboration is carried out, whether the latter is remote or face-to-face; the cost of collaboration; the terms of payment as well as the financial conditions provided for in the event of early termination of the collaboration.

Either party can end the collaboration at any time by sending an e-mail ( or by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt (DISVIEN - 16 avenue Francis de Pressensé - 92290 Châtenay- Malabry).

In this case, only the services actually provided can be reimbursed at the user's request.

The information requested, in any form whatsoever, by DISVIEN, from a user can only be used to assess the importance of collaboration.

This information must have a direct and necessary link with the action of the collaboration and the user must respond in good faith.

For any other need, please write to

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