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adhésion association disvien accompagnement compétences professionnelles


Disvien is an association created in 2018 and governed by the 1901 law.

Our vocation is to support you in any process aimed at changing your structure as well as developing your professional and personal skills.


We meet your personal, professional and everyday needs by making our knowledge and that of our partners available to you at every stage of your journey.

Our services are accessible to all, whether your needs are personal or collective, both in physical and remote areas. Book a time slot now for a first contact that will better identify your needs.

To collaborate together and improve your professional skills:

  1. Benefit from our services as a member by filling out the form below and paying the sum of 30 € / year. Thus, you will benefit from preferential rates by going to the Services tab and selecting the services marked with the MEMBERSHIP / SUBSCRIBER RATE.

  2. If you want to benefit from our services without joining our association, go directly to the Services tab and select the services marked NON-MEMBERSHIP / NON-MEMBERSHIP TARIFF.  


We remain available by email on

Also follow us on all of our networks for all our news.


  • Adhérer à Disvien

    Et bénéficier de tarifs préférentiels
    Valid for one year
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